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"The key to change is to let go of fear"
  Roseanne Cash

However true you believe those words to be, embracing them and living them can be difficult. 

Allowing change into our lives means letting in the unknown - and whether we are in a place of unhappiness or in a velvet-lined rut, the unknown often feels a more difficult choice to make. 

The positive and negative of change

Change creates a myriad of emotions, from excitement and expectation to doubt and fear. It can generate positive energy and give you a new lease of life, or it can paralyse you with fear and prevent you from moving forward.

Let change happen with you, not to you

These feelings come from your response to the change - and by understanding how to adapt your response, you can alter the outcome. I work with clients to coach them through periods of change and help them to create and follow their own path.

When Change Happens

There are many situations which bring change into our lives - some are unexpected, others are part and parcel of life.

Whatever the cause, coaching can help you to take control and manage the change.

Take a look below at some of the most common causes of change that I can help with:


Trying to fulfil the differing needs of family members


Your home should be a place of peace and security.


Whatever the nature of the relationship and whoever it is with,


Certain events and periods in our lives bring unexpected challenges.


An unfamiliar role, new responsibilities and increased expectations


A new home, unfamiliar surroundings, absence of old friends...


The loss of a job through redundancy can make you feel...


Your working life will have given you a daily structure, a social...

A new home, unfamiliar surroundings, absence of old friends and an unknown community can make relocation an unsettling experience. With the right strategies available to you, this can be minimised and the move can be a welcome change rather than an unwanted challenge.

Your working life will have given you a daily structure, a social challenge and direction. So what happens when you retire? The lack of structure in retirement may be disconcerting at first, but coaching can help you to find purpose and fun in this new life stage.

The loss of a job through redundancy can make you feel uncertain, disempowered and scared. Coaching enables you to address the negatives and discover the positives of your new situation.

"Change what you see by changing how you see"


“ In a time where I had high levels of stress and anxiety, Diane was able to guide my thoughts towards how best I meet the challenges I faced head on (and) helped me to develop my skills and experience to deal with challenging situations…”

What People Say

Contact Diane

I have offices on the Rutland/Northamptonshire border, easily accessible by car from Oakham (12 miles), Stamford (13 miles) and Leicester (25 miles) and also in London, N4, just 5 minutes walk from Finsbury Park tube station.

Contact me if you have any questions about the process or price, or if would like to talk to me before booking any coaching sessions.

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