“If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got."

- Henry Ford

What is coaching?

Coaching is your catalyst for change. Using a combination of talking, questioning, listening, reflecting back and supporting, it helps you find your own answers to your own questions. There is no advice given, no rigid structure to follow, no rights or wrongs. Coach and client work as a  partnership, but everything is led and shaped by you. 

Coaching is not mentoring, counselling or therapy. It is not done by telling, instructing, directing or dictating. It is a partnership between you and the coach.

How does it work?

Through one-to-one sessions which last up to 90 minutes and are held every 4-6 weeks over a period of a few months, we build up a trust and understanding which allows you to share your true thoughts, feelings and concerns.  I then help you to explore them further, maybe in a fresh way or from a different standpoint. It is this change of approach which leads you to a change in thinking and a change in behaving.


Coaching always has an overall goal, so each session is structured to be a step towards your end goal. You take those steps, with me alongside as your guide and supporter.

Who does it help?

Anyone with an open mind and a desire to bring change into their life will benefit from coaching. Maybe you feel stuck in a rut, or are unsure about how to deal with a new life stage or a new situation.

Coaching will help you to manage the change and to change how you manage.

How does it help?

By showing you how to find new options and behaviours which will give you the outcome that you are looking for. It increases your effectiveness, raises your self awareness, opens your eyes to the choices available to you and leads you to new strategies.

What is the outcome?

You will feel in control. 

You will allow change to happen with you, rather than to you.

You will be proactive rather than reactive.

You will have increased effectiveness.

You will change.